Which Nu-Tan kit should you buy? Which one is the best?

One kit consists of 10 patches and will last around  10 – 30 days

One patch to be used every day, second or third day. Must get UV on same day as patch. Must be used at least every 3rd day.

Must be kept on the skin for a minimum of 2 hours or until the micro jabs are fully dissolved. Preferably overnight.

Your skin might turn a bit red where the patch is attached and you might experience a tingling sensation for a few minutes after.

You need to keep your patches out of direct sunlight and below 23 degrees and you have to use them within 18 months after purchase date.

While breastfeeding, it is safe to use the patches as it doesn’t cross breast milk and your little one will not be affected.

When will I see results?

Depending on your skin type and how thoroughly you follow the instructions, results can be seen between 1 – 4 weeks. Some users need more Nu-Tan so a more kits might be needed.

Who can't use Nu-Tan?

People with heart problems taking medication for it, cancer patients and pregnant women. Why? Because we did not test the product on people with those conditions. People that are using skin lightening products.

Will Nu-Tan affect my health? Is it healthy?

No, Nu-Tan is a beauty product and do not have any long term side effects.

Nu-Tan is not a health product so cannot cure or treat any diseases.

Will Nu-Tan interact with my contraceptive pills and other chronic medications?

No, but always take medication 4 hours before or after using Nu-tan. It may interfere with the Nu-Tan absorption.

What happens if I do not get UV treatment?

Freckles and moles will go darker and the skin will stay pale. 

How do I order?

Go to shop, choose your kit and click “add to cart” and just follow the purchase instructions.